A gravel road to happiness


Tonight, although not the warmest of the nights, and it was very windy, I felt a need to get some fresh mountain air, so Mason and I headed to a place I call “the pitts”.
To me the pitts is like a vast desert playground with so many things to do. You can go shooting here (there are awesome dugout type shooting areas) you can go mudding in your truck, or hit the trails with your quad, and back up on this mountain is good quail hunting in the winter. Exploration is endless up here.

Now getting here is a little tricky and I found it just by exploring one day. You will be heading up Mt. Rose Highway and take a left onto County Road 49. It is a little bit past the gas station but if you come to Fawn Lane you have gone to far. It is just a little side turnout that is very easy to miss. Take the county road until you reach the vast openness of the beautiful desert!

It is an awesome feeling being the only person in such a big open area, and you will usually be alone if you are exploring up here. And with the weather not being perfect, it keeps a lot of people inside- which means more space for Mason and I! There are a ton of trails, hiking or driving/atv that you can take that wind and wrap these mountains for miles. It is also somewhat like a treasure junkyard. It is sad to see so much trash left here, but people bring out the most interesting things to shoot up so you will never know what you will come across!

There is mostly just sagebrush, but there is one lone tree on the top of a hill, which I think is pretty interesting. How does one tree make it? Mason and I hiked up to check out this tree…nothing to special about it though!

This is a great adventure spot to quickly get away and spend hours to explore or clear your head. There is this article about the value of outdoor adventures and the writer Renee Sharp says,

“Without any need for words, adventure sports can naturally teach us to be here now. Really, really here. To awaken to our senses. To embrace both our pleasant and our difficult emotions. To step into the unknown. To find the balance between holding on and letting go. And learn how to smile even when the currents of fear are churning within.”

I find this very true for me, and really use the outdoors and my sense of adventure to keep my senses straight.
What is the value of outdoor adventures for you?
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Until next time,
Happy Trails!


1 Response to “A gravel road to happiness”

  1. 1 TravisChristiansen March 3, 2013 at 10:45 PM

    I love that quote from Renee Sharp. She describes precisely the value of adventure sports. For me, outdoor adventure makes me feel uniquely human and offers a sense of freedom only the unknown wide open spaces offer.

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