Dog Essentials When Hiking

I felt bad when getting all my dog gear out to take pictures of for this blog because Mason, and my parents golden retriever Auggie, got so excited thinking they were going for a hike. I know I have never mentioned Auggie before, he is the awkward one in the family. But here he is just so you have an idea.
Taking proper care of your pup while out on the trail will really make the hours you spend on the trail more enjoyable. I know a lot of other outdoor bloggers feel like you should make your dog carry their own weight in gear, and there are little doggy backpacks for that, but my thinking is, their gear only weighs a few pounds and I want them to be able to run and be free, so I carry it.

What you bring on your hikes really depends on the season your going. In Reno in the winter it snows A LOT and we are always exploring the mountains. When Mason was young we were exploring in the snow up on Mt. Rose and Mason kept stopping and digging at his paws. I couldn’t figure this out. I stopped to see what was wrong and what had happened was the snow gets so compacted in between his paws and spreads them apart it starts to hurt him.
To avoid this from happening I invested in some puppy snow shoes. They sell these at outdoor warehouses and they’re usually around $20.00. Your dog will not be happy about them at first and probably walk like a frog when he wears them…but they will thank you later!

On our every day hikes I bring: a water dish with water, a leash with pinch collar, a baggy with treats and dog bags, a duck bumper (if we will be around water) a shock collar, and again the gorilla tri-pod I talk about in my post on hiking gear for me. You want to get some awesome pictures with your dog on the trail and this tripod will let you. In the summer here in the desert, water is crucial. Not only do I fill his water dish bottle up, I also bring an extra bottle and it will be gone by the end of the hike. A pinch collar, which sounds horrible, really isn’t and it is great at keeping your dog from choking themselves or ripping your arm out of its socket when they are on a leash. I got a shock collar so I could better control Mason when he is off leash on the trail. Once he ran after a squirrel he saw and ran really far away and got himself into a dangerous situation. Now this can be avoided but make sure to properly train them with the shock collar or you will have wasted the $150.00 you spent.

What do you find necessary to have for your dog when out on the trail?
Share your thoughts with me below!

Happy Trails!


1 Response to “Dog Essentials When Hiking”

  1. 1 Drew April 9, 2013 at 8:26 AM

    Puppy is turning into a snowman

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