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Waverly Park in Louisville Kentucky

So I have been in Kentucky now for a month and there hasbeen a lot I’ve had to adjust to.
1- the humidity: I feel like I’m living in a steam shower here!
2- the bugs! In Reno Mosquitos are a rare sight unless you’re close to a lake. Here they attack as soon as you go into your backyard. They must think I’m fresh meat because honestly I have about 15-20 bites at any given time. I’ve since acquired all types of bug sprays and lotions and anti-itch ointments I can find to provide some relief.
3- the ticks! I am use to a lot of gross things but when I found my first tick on my hip I just about lost it! I also have Mason on one of the best medications for dogs you can get, but it must take a while to soak in because I’ve pulled 6 ticks off him so far and he has brought in about 5 into the house.

That, I guess, is the price I pay for having a sense of adventure. I can’t stay away from exploring the outdoors regardless of how many crazy bugs there are.

About 2 weeks ago, drew bought me a new mountain bike and we have been going riding 2-3 times a week. We go to a nearby park called waverly park. There are 4 trails each approximately 3 miles long that are great for biking. There is also a small lake that the local are always fishing in, which is great because then the trails are usually empty.

These trails are well balanced with extreme up hills but such rewarding downhills. Once on the trail it started pouring rain and as we were rushing back to the truck a whitetail die jumped right across the path it was amazing! We usually only do one 3 mile loop because it gets so hot for us and Mason we drain are water resources and can hardly go on after 3 miles.

I would definitely recommend checking this park out on a bike and bing a fishing pole too! You’ll get a small taste of Kentucky wilderness, and you might get lucky enough to bring a tick or two home as well!

Until next time, happy trails!

(P.S. – this post was written on my iPhone because our Internet is being switched and won’t be installed until tomorrow evening so I apologize for any errors!)


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